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Paola Albarracin


In 2012 I moved to Colombia.

In this beautiful country I discovered the beautiful art of Jewelry.

Today I have several studies in this area, including: * Technician in Jewelry Design, * High Jewelry, and * Modeling in Wax and Metals at the Colombian School of High Jewelry. * Creative direction in Jewelry Design studied at Workshop R2. * Smelting in Tierra Delf studied in Raw Material School-Workshop and a * Seminar on Geology, Marketing and sales in the Jewelry industry held at the World Jewelry Hub - Panama. I am also a member of the International Bright Women Association and the Jewelry Cluster of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce.

Pi.pao is a brand that expresses happiness in each jewel, through colors and shapes that will accompany you throughout your life. But the specialty of the brand is personalized jewelry, made to order totally to the client's taste. Each of the pieces are made entirely by hand by me, in noble metals - mainly silver - It is combined with other less traditional materials in jewelry such as resin and clay.

Pi.pao holdings:

  • Animal Fest- Bogota, Colombia

  • Eva Boulevard / 2019- Bogota, Colombia

  • Bogota a Solidarity Jewel / 2020- Bogota, Colombia

  • 5th meeting Mubri / 2020- International

  • Finalist 10th Art and Jewel Yearbook / 2020 - Barcelona, ​​Spain

With I hope to reach more people and know more about you my #pipaolovers

rosa material

What seems to us bitter trials are often blessing in disguise. -Oscar Wilde-

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I bring

visions to happiness

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